The complete Futsal Manager ON THE PALM OF YOUR HANDS.

Futsal app was launched with the vision of minimizing the errors while recording day to day transactions and avoiding fraudulent from the staff members. So, the app was developed which is desktop based which syncs with cloud so it can be seen by the owners with almost all devices. The app is easy to use and readily accessible from almost anywhere in the world by the futsal owners. The app will forecast the daily, weekly, monthly and yearly revenue of the business in the form of graph. All the income, expenses, revenues, salaries can be noted down in the app, this will make things easy and time saving as all the calculations will be done by the app automatically. Futsal game pre-booking can also be done in the app and the same bookings will be shown in the Futsal’s websites from where customers can see and find out if the booking for the particular time is free or taken. It will also help in bringing in more loyal customers as the coupon can be printed per game and handed to them from which free games or discounts can be given to them as per the numbers of coupon allocated by the related Futsal. The app will help in finding out the dues from weeks before without any hassle as the dues can be recorded separately in the app.

Amazing Features of the Futsal Manager

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  • Cloud Based

    All the data of your Futsal are backed up by cloud. All datas and details will all be saved on cloud so you can be worry free about the loss of data and focus on your business freely and let the Futsal manager take care of the rest.


    The Futsal Manager looks very easy on the eyes and is very user friendly too. Record keeping, report forecasting, bookings, etc can be done very easily.


    We believe in simplicity, so the app we built is really simple and looks easy in the eyes. There's no unnecessary colors and brightness. The contrast, color combination is absolutely classic.


    The app gives access to keep day to day records promptly and easily. It helps to avoid confusion while looking for certain transactions and also saves time.


    Futsal Manager works on multiple platforms like Desktop, Android, IOS, Windows, etc.

  • Secure

    The app is 100% safe in terms of security. The programming languages that are used for Desktop is Electron and Nodejs. For mobile "React-Native" is used. For database and syncing CouchDB, PouchDB is used. MongoDB (Mobile) MongoBD(API) Server : Amazon Web Services / Digital Ocean

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Desktop App with Printer


Desktop App




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Desktop App (Without Printer)


A Desktop App that can be used for recording day to day. 

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